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If you are looking to do some upcoming concrete work but don't know exactly what you want. Below we have listed and described some of the more popular finishes that people request. Feel free to read through them also don't forget to take a look at our Gallery for some more picture examples. All pictures on this site are pictures of jobs our team has completed.

Stamped concrete is a concrete that has been imprinted with a surface pattern. This pattern is pressed into the concrete while it is still curing. We can do this process to mimic the appearance of other surfaces. Some examples are brick, tile, slate, cobblestone or even wood! Not only can we mimic the surface pattern we can also dye the concrete to the color you want.
Broom Finished Concrete
Broom finishes are how your concrete will be finished the majority of the time unless you state otherwise. It is created by running a broom over the surfaces leaving grooves in the concrete to put traction and texture into your concrete. The levels of texture can vary by using different broom configurations. Typically the broom will be run from side to side leaving constant markings through out the concrete. If the concrete needs to drain in a certain direction then the grooves will be broomed towards where the concrete will drain allowing water to flow with the grooves rather then over them.
Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate is a pea gravel mix (this mix has more Aggregate or in other words stone) that is poured just like normal and finished. Once the concrete is hard enough to walk on we will wash the surface layer away leaving behind a new surface layer made up of internal aggregates. This type of finish can very easily become decorative by simply changing the type of aggregate that is used in the mix. You can also add color to it!